Dental implants

Why everyone talks about dental implants recently? 

Because the modern science has enabled us to substitute the natural teeth without the need to drill and reduce their neighbors, without the feeling of constant load and fear that the denture will fall out during an important lunch or business meeting, without the feeling of being old, without worrying whether you can eat your favorite food or you actually need to cut it in a zillion pieces before chewing it, without… Because they restore the quality of life.

Implant dentistry is a branch of dentistry which has experience an incredible rise over the past several years. It is a winning combination of oral surgery and prosthetics in their best and highest levels. Modern dentistry which is capable of restoring the lost esthetics and function to the patients is unthinkable without implant dentistry or better put implantoprosthetics. Implant dentistry is a new, modern tooth-fairy!

Implants are produced from pure titanium due to its biocompatibility (it never causes tissue reactions), as well as the ability to form chemical and mechanical bonds to the surrounding tissues (osseointegration). Implants are surgically inserted into the bone where they substitute for lost natural roots and serve as abutments for prosthetics works. They are composed of a titanium cylinder which is anchored into the bone and the abutment sticking out of the bone and gums enabling the fixation of the crown or a complex prosthetic construction.