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Dentistry is a science which is in constant evolution from the viewpoint of advanced, quality stomatologic procedures. This is influenced by the everyday, constant development of new technologies and innovations which facilitate and guarantee a higher quality of all stomatologic procedures at reasonable prices. Dentistry is oriented on the pleasure and beautiful smile of each patients and it is extremely important to keep up with the innovations, changes and progresses in technologies and methods of their methods of performance.

The most important part of every dentist ordination, service, and in general, is the dentist. The dentist is the person who represents dentistry and has to use his expert knowledge to solve any kind of dental problems and achieve as a result a beautiful and natural smile and healthy teeth. Other than performing stomatologic procedures and creating the best and specific dental solutions for each person individually, the dentist has to advise the patients on oral hygiene and the right kind of care which every patient must maintain on a daily basis so that the dentist's work could have a long-lasting, quality effect.

The offer of the dentists' in our Viadent centre in Rijeka is constantly improving and growing, as is the number of patients which decide to trust us and which increases on daily bases. Our team of professional dentists takes care of your teeth and smile even after performing a specific dental treatment. In our centre the number of foreign patients is also increasing with the developing of dental tourism, they decide to come to us for a dental check up at prices which are more moderate than the prices in other countries in Europe.

Are you looking for a dentist in Rijeka? Viadent centre is an excellent choice for each patient.

There are several factors which play an important role in the search and final choice of a quality dental service and dentist. There is a certain combination of factors that is the winning combination when choosing the dentist that fits your needs. Our team of dentist in the dental centre in Rijeka is oriented towards offering you the best and the most economic solution for a beautiful smile and natural teeth at moderate prices and for all budgets.

Taking into consideration the importance and the main goal of our work, which is oriented towards creating long-lasting satisfaction of our patients, our dentists are oriented towards constant specialization and implementation of new, effective dental solutions, methods and technologies which guarantee your satisfaction and faith in our dental centre.


The recognizable identity of our dentists is characterized by these features

  • free first check up and making of the treatment plan according to your dental situation

  • we are offering the latest and most modern dental solutions for a perfect smile

  • a large number of certificates in all areas of dentistry

  • ideal and adjusted price for all procedures

  • high quality guarantee

  • individual approach


When examining each patient it is important to us that the patient is comfortable and relaxed, that he feels safe and that he feels no pain during any kind of procedure. The patients usually postpone going to the dentist because they are afraid of pain and high prices of procedures. That is not a solution. The teeth can undergo large changes over time and serious problems may develop if you don't take care of your dental and oral health. The first step is to maintain the hygiene adequately and to follow the basic rules of dentistry on how to maintain the health of the teeth.

However, sometimes that is not enough. As we age some changes happen to our teeth and they can only be removed with the professional help of a dentist. That is why the dental check up is necessary. In our centre it is possible to do the first check up for free, during that examination your dental condition and situation are determined and a treatment plan is made if needed.

We also have all the equipment needed to make x-ray images in our ordination, which facilitates our work a lot and saves your time. When determining the dental condition of each patient it is often necessary to make x-ray images which give us more precise and detailed information and help us treat you and make your smile more beautiful.


The offer of dental procedure services in our centre comprehends all the branches of dentistry and consists of: implantology, prosthetics (fixed and mobile), periodontics, cosmetic dentistry, endodontic treatment and other areas for which there is a high demand from patients. If you want a new smile with the implantation of implants, teeth correction with orthodontic braces, white and shiny teeth, a Hollywood smile, or to achieve a beautiful smile and receive the advice on how to maintain the health of your teeth, you came to the right place.


If you are still searching for a convenient and quality dental service, the professionalism and expertise of our dentists will convince you in the justifiability of the popularity, quality and prominence of our dentists in Croatia, as well as in Europe.!